I am in the business of finding the
right careers for the right people

I believe that the best people to attract the right talent to a company are the ones that already work for it. This is why I work in and work for the companies I am hiring for. I spend my days in the studio or office - the one a new hire would work in. I will tell the truth - both the good bits and the challenges - because people would want to know and will find out soon enough and honesty builds trust, respect and loyalty.


Being hired can be both an exhilarating and stressful experience. I make it mostly exhilarating. Hiring can be optimistic and invigorating but can be time consuming and frustrating. I keep it optimistic and invigorating. How? I make sure I put people and what they need first and foremost. I have empathy. I tell people the facts, I provide fast feedback, I keep people in the loop and I care about what they care about. I don't like square pegs or wasting anyone's time

Exactly how does this work for you ...

... if you are a hiring manager?


I will come and spend time in your office so that I become part of your team, not a loose representative of it outside. I will work with you to determine exactly what kind of person - personality, background, experience and expertise - they should be. I will work with you on community building and marketing that drive awareness of your brand and manage the whole recruiting process from advert to interviews to offer and hire. I do this as an extension of your existing marketing and HR team, not an independent part of them. We agree a payment structure depending on what you want to achieve. When you are recruiting more heavily, I am there and when it's quieter, I can be there less without you carrying the overhead cost. I'm a scalable and flexible part of the team.


... if you are looking for a job?


I will talk to you and understand what you have done and what you want to do next. I want to know what makes you tick and what good looks like from a potential employer's perspective - who would you want to work for and why? I will make sure you are very clear about the job and I will you prepare for your interview. I promise to be honest and fair with you and I guarantee whatever the outcome at the end of the day, you'll have known exactly what is happening at every step of the process.